A Better World

I felt burdened by the trials of this world. Trouble and destruction seemed to be all around me ; the world was in a sorry state. To read the news in the papers was depressing, to watch the news on the television even more so. In my own personal life there was conflict and tension. I yearned for something better, something that would give more contentment.

Then I read Ezekiel 47 and my spirits rose . There is a better life coming. ‘Wherever the river goes ……. there will be very many fish.’ verse 9 . ‘On the banks on both sides of the river there will grow all kinds of trees for food.’ verse 12.’ ‘The fruit will be for food and the leaves for healing.’ verse 12.

What a wonderful picture of heaven, what a promise of things to come. In the midst of my angst I yearned to be in that beautiful place and away from the world of conflict and strife. Although not in a war-zone myself, I yearned for a place which was not a barren war-torn land, but a place of plenty. There will eventually be a return to life as God has planned it to be. I give praise for this promise.