29th February

The last time we had a 29th of February was four years ago in 2020. Looking back through my diary, the world was a completely different place. The first lockdown started during that March and we had no idea what we were in for. I my case it meant staying at home a great deal and my diary only records that I went for a walk, day after day, after day. I wasn’t allowed to go shopping myself but kind members from the church shopped for me, left it on my doorstep and then I left the money in the same pace for them to correct. I didn’t record anything I went to because there was nothing to go to.

Every country suffered, every economy suffered, people’s mental health suffered. Economies are still suffering and people are still suffering mental health problems. I now ask what we have learned during that four years? During the centuries there have always been pandemics. They are an opportunity to learn that God is in control. Although it is difficult to square all this with God’s love and protection, so many of the world’s troubles are brought on ourselves.

What of the next four years? The year 2028 will give us another February with 29 days. Are there things we need to learn as a nation, are there things we need to learn as individuals. The signs of God’s power are all around us, we just need to heed them.