Wrong Number

If I am too quick or careless, I find I have rung the wrong number. Maybe the number I have used is badly written or I’ve even been given an incorrect one. At other times when I’m making a call to a large company I have to pass through several stages, pressing numbers 1, 2 or 3 to get to the right department. Sometimes the wait is very long and I wander round the house holding the phone to one ear and using the other hand to do a few jobs to save time. Making connections on the phone can be stressful and time-consuming.

How different are our calls to God. There are no wrong numbers, pressing several numbers or waiting a long time. Our calls to God are answered instantly , in fact God is waiting to hear from us. We know from experience that the answers may be yes, no, or not yet, but there will always be a reply. We also know that throughout it all, God is working for the best for us, unlike some companies.

‘You will call me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you.’ Jeremiah 29:12