The Master Potter

‘The pot that He was shaping from the clay was marred; so the potter formed it into another pot’ Jeremiah 18:4

I’ve recently been watching on the television a series where amateur potters are in competition to find the best potter. Starting with just a lump of clay they make it into something beautiful. I’ve been fascinated as I’ve watched the clay become a set of delicate cups or a large chandelier. A shapeless lump of clay has been fashioned into something beautiful.

I’ve never worked with clay myself but marvel at the skill of others. While watching I realised I’m the lump of clay, being fashioned by the Master Potter. I started life wonderfully and beautifully made but it is only as I’ve progressed through the years that I’ve been fashioned and transformed. I hope some bits of me have been discarded – anger, jealousy, pride and other features. Some parts have been refined – patience, love, compassion, steadfastness.

I am not yet the finished work but ‘I press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14