Jesus Blesses Children

It shouldn’t be surprising that Jesus urges us to become more as little children and have the faith that they have. As we listen to the news and see pictures of horrors around the world we are in danger of becoming cynical and unfeeling. We see disaster all around and realise how easily bad things can happen. Children have not yet developed this attitude of doubt and disaster, they are trusting.

My new neighbours have a garden full of dandelions and when the grandchildren visited they were given the task of pulling off the bright yellow flower heads. As they delighted in their job and saw the lawn turn less yellow and more green, they didn’t realise that each dandelion had a root of nearly 12 inches long. At Easter time a nine year old asked me ‘Why is it called Good Friday?’ We know the answer, which I was able to share, but often adults don’t give that question a second thought

Little Nellie prayed in her prayers, ‘Please God, help me to fly.’ As adults we know that dandelions will regrow, Nellie will never be able to fly like Harry Potter, but we know we have a powerful God who does make miracles happen. I pray I may never become cynical. God can guide, protect and be with us all in every situation.