A People Day

At the end of yesterday I was exhausted as I had been interacting with people all day. The morning was spent having a coffee with one of my previous neighbours. It proved to be a most enjoyable time. Then in the afternoon I joined in with a social activity where I now live and then went to visit a neighbour who has just moved in. During the evening when I hoped to relax, a friend kindly brought round some plants for my new garden, out of the blue an old college friend phoned and another phoned who needed to relay some urgent news to me. I belatedly phoned a single mother I knew, who had been struggling.

In every encounter I felt I had acted within God’s will. It was His plan that I should have all these encounters. Some conversation had been on Christian matters, some had not. I hoped that each contact had been of a positive nature for every individual. I went to bed tired but having a feeling that I had acted within His guidance.

My day made me think about Jesus, dozens of people claimed His attention every day. I know He was divine but He was also human. No wonder He had at times to get away from people and His responsibilities and just be with His Father. I want to thank God that He has put so many people in my life who want to spend time with me, even though, or because, I am a Christian.