‘Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older that the world seems to be getting faster and faster. Our lives are full of gadgets and devices which save us time but really that we complete even more tasks. Saving time is the object of this modern world and I sometimes wonder what we are supposed to do with the saved time Maybe we will do yet more jobs or even play fast hard and frantically at some sport of leasure.

It seems no longer do workers get a lunch time break, they have to sit at their desks and eat or eat on the run. My grand-mother’ instructions were that we had to sit for ten minutes after a big meal to be able to digest it. How old-fashioned does that seem now. We drive our cars faster or travel by plane to save time. Multi-tasking is to be praised. There is no time in the day to do one thing. I have a lovely neighbourhood who is praised for the many things she accommplishes. If there is any job to do she will volunteer to do it and add it to her very long list. As a result she sometimes forgets things or does things wrong. I do sometimes wonder if her high activity means she has no time to think.

Surely a good guide is how God managed. He created a perfect world and retained a perfect work/rest rhythm. On the 7th day of creation, He rested. It might be that we have to work on the Sabbath/Sunday, but we still need to set aside a time for spending a time solely with God. These days there is more anxiety and depression than ever. We need to slow down and as they say ‘smell the roses.’ If God need a time of resting and communing with His Father, how much more do we.