He Was There

I’m always amazed that how many times I read a passage from the Bible, I discovered something new or notice a different aspect. I re-read recently the story of Jacob sleeping in a place he later called Bethel and seeing angels ascending and descending on a ladder reaching up to heaven. This is a picture children love to hear as they can imagine the angels going up and down the ladder and even make models of the ladder and the angels. The descending angels are often depicted up-side-down.

I read this passage again but this time it seemed to have greater significance; in Genesis 28:13 God was was speaking from the top of the ladder. It stands to reason that He must have been there as He spoke. The angels and the ladder are important but the most important fact is that God was there speaking to Jacob.

Herald Angels

This is a little tongue in cheek but when we sing ‘Hark the Herald Angels sing,’ I wonder if these angels have other roles or whether heralding is their main job. What about the angels who are at the bedside of sick children and the dying? Who are the angels who keep us ‘lest we dash our foot against a stone’? Are there angels who take on human form and guide the lost traveller in the form of another traveller, or a person who arrives at just the right time?

I obviously don’t know much about the role of angels but I do thank God He sends them to work on this earth.