Do Not Worry, Little Flock

It’s a scary world! There are so many things that can make us afraid. Anxious thoughts can destroy our sleeping hours. I’ve worked out that when I wake up each morning there is at least one big worry in my life to cause me anxiety, as well as many small little niggles. To watch television, read the paper or go on social media only makes things worse. I was worried about world conditions as well as my own personal concerns which needed urgent action.

I don’t remember this level of worry when I was younger. Maybe I was less aware of situations. I certainly had more strength and health to cope. It’s probably more true to say that life had been more difficult since covid because the world’s financial and political scene is now more precarious.

I won’t waste paper listing the current problems. Instead I will tell you the answer ‘Christ is the answer to my every need’, says the old hymn. How can we possibly know the answer to life’s problems, we’ve only been around say sixty, seventy or eighty years and sometimes our mental capacities fade. But God has been around for ever, in fact since before the foundation of the world. Plus He is God, omni-present, omniscient, omnipotent and every ‘omni’ you can think of. Why, oh why don’t we give our problems to Him? Why should worry when God is in control?