Missing Birds

With my move I’ve gained a very small garden, but it is a garden without life. My tiny lawn has hardly any grass, it seems to consist of only dandelions. I know the birds and insects like them but their season has passed now. Surrounding the lawn is only stones with a membrane underneath. There is no visible earth at all. There is an hydrangia in one corner and a small fushia in another. At present no birds visit and I’ve not yet seen any flying insects. I do plan to change that, of course, but it takes time.

I’ve erected a bird table, but the birds haven’t got the message yet. I’m sure the presence of my neighbour’s cats don’t help. I think what I need is patience. I’m determined to entice the birds back. I’m told by two neighbours opposite that they have many visiting birds, so I will keep trying. I have a small dish which is full of rain water, so I might get them back that way. As far as I know the previous owner of the bungalow didn’t do anything to encourage wild-life. I need to let everything know that they are all welcome in my garden.