Why Me?

Why have I reached my mid 80’s and am still in fairly good health while many of my contemporaries are unwell? Why me? Why have I enough money to feed myself and keep my family warm? Why me? Yes, I’ve been sensible but God has blessed me. Why do I have somewhere comfortable to live, while others are sleeping rough? Why me? Why do I live in a country which has peace and I’m not watching family and friends being killed or maimed? Why me? Is it an accident of my birth or is God looking after me. As I heard recently my hearing is not being impaired by missiles exploding nearby. Why me? Why was my cancer cured while others have died? Why me?

When it was explained to me why did I understand salvation and God’s gift of eternal life? Why me when some of my friends deny the existence of God? It is certainly nothing to do with me bring good. There are no answers to any of these questions, only profound thankfulness.