None Survived

Did Pharaoh send his whole army or just part of it after the fleeing Israelites as they left Egypt? To have sent all his warriors would have spelled devastation to his country. Because of the power of God he had lost his slaves. Who would now make the many bricks need to cope with his expanding building programme?

In the confusion in the middle of the Red Sea the wheels of the Egyptian chariots jammed, so escape was impossible. Then as the waters flowed back all the horsemen, horses and chariots were swept into the sea. ‘Not one of them survived’. Exodus 14:28. Pharaoh lost so much on that fateful day. No slaves, no chariots,no horsemen. Pharaoh would have certainly been safer if he’d listened to God.

Moses and the frightened multitude were told by God ‘The Egyptians you see today you will never see again,’ The Lord will fight for you, you only need to be still.’ Exodus 14:13-14. The Lord doesn’t do things by half!

Not One Saved and Not One Drowned.

Probably few of us witness such a spectacular and horrifying event as the drowning of the Egyptians in the Red Sea. The Israelites had passed through safely, then the waters closed over the Egyptian warriors. The Bible tells us that ‘were bodies of the Egyptians on the shore.’

One wonders how they could forget God’s wonderful miracle towards them. But then we only have to think of ourselves and how we easily forgot God’s bounty to us.

The story reminds of God’s great power especially over the natural world. Not surprising really as He created it. The waters parted as exactly the right time and then closed over at the right time again. There was nothing haphazard in God’s planning. There wasn’t one Israelite who drowned or one Egyptian who was saved.