Around the world, one person in eight is suffering from hunger; I’m ashamed to say, I’m not one of them. God has provided enough that no-one should ever go to bed having eaten insufficient during the day. But the greed of man, mismanagement and bad political situations have made it so.

Hunger, at least on a temporary scale was the problem in Jesus’ day. I don’t know the reason why only one of the 5,000 people had brought their lunch. Did the people not expect to be away so long and they thought they would be home for supper? Was the teaching of Jesus so riveting that they couldn’t tear themselves away? The Bible doesn’t give us details and I always believe that the Bible reveals to us all that we need to know.

But what I do know is about God’s provision for us, and that it is always sufficient and as we have proved so often He provides over and above our needs. Twelve baskets of crumbs meant that the birds also had a feast. I pray that I will always remember His generosity when I am in need or have a problem.