The Widow at Zarephath

There was a great famine in the land and Elijah was in need of food. God directed him to go to Zarephath in the region of Sidon. The widow was down to her last handful of flour and a little olive oil. Nevertheless she was willing to share with this man of God. Her generosity was repaid as the flour and oil didn’t run out during the whole time of the famine and later Elijah restored her son back to life.

Our reward for generosity is not always so evident; sometimes the reward will not be until heaven. But do we give unstintingly and begrudgingly? Do we give the best cake or most expensive glass of wine? Jesus told us that giving in His name even a glass of water was special. When I nearly fainted the other day, I was given a glass of water by a concerned hairdresser. As far as I know she wasn’t a Christian, but my glasses of water are given in the name of Jesus.