Put God First

This sounds so easy and it is my intention to always give God my priority. As some of my regular readers will know I’ve just moved house and the list of extremely urgent jobs was growing. I was advised that I couldn’t do everything at once but the jobs that had to be done immediately were definitely more than the hours in the day. My time with God was being squeezed out. The doctor said i was suffering from stress as every part of my body was in pain.

Then I stopped emotionally, physically and mentally. I made opportunity to spend time with God first thing every morning.; it was a non-negotiable priority. In a miraculous way I got through my jobs quicker and more efficiently. My to-do list became shorter and I was less stressed. I pray that as things get easier, I will continue to keep God at the top of my list of tasks. May I enjoy my time listening and speaking to my Friend and Creator.