My Sun and Shield

‘For the Lord God is our Sun and our Shield.’ Ps 4:11

These days we are very aware of the damage that the sun can do to our skin. Exposure to strong rays of the sun can cause skin cancers and other harmful conditions as well as excessive wrinkling. Children’s skin especially need to have protection. Sun barrier creams and protective clothing are to be recommended. I remember a student at college who spent every moment she could out in the sun and all the year had a beautifully tanned skin. I sometimes wonder if her health paid the price.

Psalm 84 tells us that God is our sun, which penetrates every area of our lives, so that we can shine like Him. but i read that Moses had to cover his face after he had spent time with his God, because he radiated the presence of God so much. We are told that God is our Sun, which can burn intensely at our sin but He is also our Shield. His sun’s presence could burn us, but His shield will protect us. We need both. We give thanks to God that He is both to us, because we need His Sun and Shield.