God’s Timing

I am constantly realising that my timing is not Gods. I hadn’t thought I was an impatient person but I always want things to happen today or even yesterday. Often I have what I think is a brilliant idea and I want to put it into practice immediately. I should know that after a lifetime of getting it wrong, God does know best. My brilliant ideas vanish into thin air and they wouldn’t have worked anyway.

In the first chapter of Acts the disciples were told they would be baptised with the Holy Spirit. I can imagine their impatience they wanted to get going straight away, this very day. Jesus told them to wait. If they had gone off immediately in their own strength telling the Good News to others, they would have had no power. The gospel would never have spread as it did. They needed the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is the same in my life, without direction of the Lord, I am nothing. My words and actions will be of no avail. When I work as a writer, my words will be lifeless and useless on my own. I need the words to be anointed by God. God’s timing and Holy Spirit are essential in my life.

Two Types of People

The other day I read that there are only two types of people I will meet today, those who need an invitation to embrace the faith and whose who whose faith I can strengthen. Well, that simplifies things! So many people need a chance to share in our faith, those who don’t know the joy of following God. They are the people with many problems and worries that don’t know where to take them. Others we meet will know Him and have a special connection with God. They also will have problems and worries but will know where to take them. These people we can encourage.

As we meet either group of people today we can only say the right word or do the right action through the help of the Holy Spirit. How can we ourselves possibly have the wisdom to do the right. In every case we are called upon to do something but not in our own strength, only in God’s.