No Mow May

At the beginning of May I planned to cut my lawn. It was a day of pouring rain, so no lawn was cut. As my life remained busy and the lawn remained uncut I realised that i could have a No Mow May. I hadn’t ever done this before and it threw up many surprises. I knew the grass was full of weeds including dandelions and daisies but what I hadn’t known was that many tiny wild flowers were also lurking there.

Yes, my lawn does look unkempt and wild, but it also looks beautiful. Tiny flowers I haven’t seen before and certainly don’t know the names of. are appearing all through the lawn. How could so much beauty appear in such a small space? I shall certainly be doing this neglect next year. I’m also told it’s good for the butterflies and bees, so I’m also doing my bit for nature preservation.

My lawn is now a bit like my life, unkempt and all over the place. I would also like to think it contains oases of beautiful wild flowers. In the midst of my messy life and mistakes God sees a beauty. He can take the difficult bits and make something beautiful of them. Where I see only difficulties and incompleteness, He sees order and purpose. I ask that i can see things from God’s point of view and rejoice and not despair.