Psalm 10

I’ve been commissioned to write a short article on this psalm. In a nutshell, it boils down to ‘why do good people suffer?’

I’ve read round this subject quite a bit. This has been a problem since biblical times. The book of Job deals with it extensively, where his comforters are no comfort at all, and earn a rebuke from God.

Attitude to suffering can alleviate it. One holocaust survivor said he couldn’t change his conditions but he could change his attitude to it. Maybe that is what made him a survivor rather than a victim. .

As humans it seems to be ingrained in us that good behaviour should be rewarded by the benefits of this life. and that bad behaviour should be punished. But in actual fact, we have no rights. God doesn’t owe us anything. Everything is a gift from Him.

There is nothing I can write that has not been written before. There are no platitude I can produce. I’ll return to my books and trust in God to give me inspiration to write an article that honours Him.