‘You will be like God, knowing good and evil.’ Genesis 3:5

From the Bible we learn that in heaven the devil thought himself equal with God and because of his pride was thrown out. There is only one God and there is no room for any other. Satan then planned to trap mankind and tells Eve that by eating the forbidden fruit she will be like God, knowing good from evil. Following her pride Eve was tempted to be like God.

Pride has been playing it’s place ever since. It is the desired elevation of self that has led to wars and fighting. In world affairs pride is rampant. Not content with the territory that some leaders have, they want more power and more land and start wars to get what they want. Today we teach our youngsters that they can achieve anything, be anybody they want to be. It is all a matter of will-power and striving. Surely we can be teaching them that by the will of God they can do anything He wills. Pride will eventually be overcome; It is not for nothing that we get the phrase ‘Pride goes before a fall.’

There is no such thing as a self-made man. Every man and woman is God-made whether they want to admit it or not. Do dictators and despots not realise that every breath they take could be their last, that they are not ultimately in control, God is? Indeed, every breath we as Christians take is also under the control of God. Thank goodness, God is still on the throne.