Sunny Silloth

Silloth in Cumbria is the nearest shoreline to where I now live. It has a reputation for being windy. therefore I was apprehensive when I went there last week. I chose a sunny day and Silloth didn’t disappoint.

The tide was in which makes anywhere look better. The sun caught the waves rippling over the stone steps as I looked to the Scottish coastline along the Solway Forth. Birds swooped and dived searching for their lunch. There was hardly a breath of wind. God knows how to create beauty.

I went towards the deserted forgotten harbour once filled with ships exporting grain from the nearby flour mill. A R.N.L.I. jeep was being loaded onto a trailer. I wondered what the story was. Were they packing up for the winter? Dog-owners rambled, couples strolled. It was one of those days when one says ‘God’s in His heaven, all’s right when the world.’ Then I saw the mask on every face; maybe not all was well with the world!