Only the Best

All Bible-reading Christians (I trust that is all of us) know what is the first miracle that Jesus performed. It was on the very happy occasion of a Jewish wedding, which is always a time jollity and prolonged celebration. Jesus was attending the wedding with His friends when disaster struck. Can you imagine a wedding in your country where the liquid refreshment runs out? Because this is the first miracle that Jesus performed, we sometimes concentrate on it being the first and forget what it is telling us.

It is interesting that it is His mother Mary who was so heavily involved. This is Mary who was the first person to be involved in the life of Jesus when she was visited by the angel announcing the fact of the virgin birth. During His formative years she would have been a strong presence in His life and now here she is still giving Him instructions.

120 gallons of water, which then became wine is a lot. When this was tasted by the master of the feast, it was described as the best wine of all. So typical,Jesus didn’t produce cheap plonk, but the very best. It is beholden on us to produce the very best that we can in the way of the Christian lives that God has bestowed on us. Our top quality ‘wine’ is not to be kept in the bottle, it is to be shared liberally. We pray for opportunity to share this love of God with as many people as we can today.