God’s Might and Power

As I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, which is a form of M.E. I often feel completely exhausted. I have to rest when I would rather be up and doing. Sometimes I miss or need to cancel engagements and don’t do the fun things I would like to do. If I choose to ignore the warming signs I pay for it with a longer time in bed.

In spite of this I have a thankfulness, there is so much to be thankful for. With this condition I do not suffer any pain, just this tremendous weariness. My forced time of resting prevents me from having ‘burn out’, all blessings. All actions needs to be purposeful as every minute is precious. There is more time to be with God and read my Bible. Though on many occasions i fall asleep, God understands and is with me. He gives me a compassion for others. Although it may sound strange, there are blessings in this condition and it is all in God’s plan for my life.