For Ever and Ever

‘Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.’ Luke 23:43

The words of Jesus on the cross to the guilty criminal have been repeated as words of encouragement throughout the ages. They have been said to sinners seeking salvation, they have been uttered to those who feel they have no hope. We know that as Christians when we die these words will be true for us as well.

As I read the story again this morning, I was struck by a new thought. That dying thief has been in paradise ever since. If he returned to our world today he wouldn’t recognise it. In 2,000 years, in every country there have been unbelievable changes. Cases of crucifixion are very rare today, we now fly through the air like birds and hear our friends through our ear even when we can’t see them.

Yet that thief has no less time in heaven than when he first went there, he has no less time or more time. The word ‘time’ will be obsolete, it will lose it’s meaning. As I write this I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve looked at the time notification on my desk top. In heaven the phrase ‘at the end of the day’ will not exist. we’ve got for ever and ever there. I can’t comprehend it.