Force of Nature

God has given us a wonderful world to enjoy but the world that He has created also has a wild side. And it is a force that we ignore at our peril. Avalanches remind us of this terrible power and force. What is man that You are mindful of him? Storms and tornadoes whip across many nations. Storms at sea have cost many lives in the past. Recently we have had the disaster with the Titanic exploration. There is a wild and terrible side to God displayed in His elements.

This is something we need to regonise. He is the God of love but He is also the God of destructive powers. In the past this was recognised more when sailors set out to sea; they prayed before they left and gave praise when they safely returned. With our lives safer and easier now, we can forget forget how completely dependable we are on Him.

Lost for Words

We are often lost for words when describing God. One version of the Bible has used the most telling words they can thing of. It tells us that ‘God’s love is meteoric.’ What a lovely word. With meteors we think of luminous stars shooting across the sky from horizon to horizon, just like the love of God. ‘God’s loyalty is astronomic.’ Again the writer has turned to the skies.

‘God’s purpose is titanic,’ using the image of the sunken ship and the power of the Titan race. ‘God’s verdict is oceanic.’ The writer turns again to nature using the thought of water which covers so much of the world’s surface. The book of Proverbs is further evidence of this.

Whatever words are used, they are completely incapable of describing our God!