We Brought Nothing In

I recently had a visitor who only stayed a couple of hours. As he left i asked ‘Have you got everything with you.’ He lives one hundred miles away and I didn’t want to have to send any forgotten item through the post. His reply was ‘I’ve brought nothing with me and I’m taking nothing out.’ My speedy reply was, ‘Just like life.’

His reaction was not complimentary but it made me think.We do come into this world with nothing; we have no choice who our parents are or where we live. We have no possessions and we are dependent on others for our every need. The other end of our lives is just the same. We take none of our wealth or possessions with us; our friends and family will not be coming along.

So why do we give so much importance to things we cannot take with us.The pauper and prince will leave with exactly the same amount of wealth. I’m not saying I don’t like having a roof over my head and having enough to eat, but how foolish I would be to depend on them.