You can’t trust writers!

If you’ve read my previous blog, you will remember I promised to tell you about my 4th book.

Friends will know I’m strongly against e-books.  I like the tactile element of paper books where you turn proper pages and put them on a bookshelf.  With Kindles, – Mills and Boon and War and Peace all feel the same, in spite of having vastly different contents!  Does anyone ever read 50 books on holiday?  (An argument for Kindles)  They must have longer holidays than mine.,

But I’ve written a book about a Brethren missionary who worked in the Amazon area and Barbados, and because he was not very well-known , no publisher is interested in publishing it.  So with expert help of a friend it is now an e-book on sale from Amazon.  Called ‘Amazonian Missionary‘  (a lot of Amazons here!), please purchase it.

As I say you can’t trust writers.

Carol Purves, the turncoat.