South Lakes Explorer

As winter is drawing in, I wanted to continue my exploration of Cumbria.  (Just put the clocks back.  As someone who gets up at 6.00, if Westminster get their way and we change the clocks yet another hour {or is it the other way?} a lot of my morning activities will be done in darkness. For once I hope Scotland get their own way)

On a Saturday of dry weather and intermittent sunshine I drove down the west side of Ullswater, over the Kirkstone Pass (reminded me of similar places in North Wales) and down to the village of Staveley.  Enquired for and photographed the colourful stained glass window, whose images were used on the 2009 Christmas stamps.  Beautiful and a good decision by the Post Office.

Continued through Windermere, Bowness and round the south tip of Lake Windermere.  Looked so peaceful with the craft bobbing up and down on the water.  North to Hawkshead.  My first visit there.  Crowded as it was half term but well worth exploring.

So a bit more of Cumbria ticked off.  I might have to leave it now until 2012, though I’m sure it will all look lovely in the snow.!!

Carol, the persistent traveller.