A master requested his scribe to engrave a tablet for every day of the universe.  The scribe engraved up to 21 December 2012 and then stopped.

‘Why have you stopped’, enquired the master, ‘is that the day the world will end?’

‘No master, at that date I’ve run out of tablets.’

So if you think the world is going to end on that date, don’t believe it.  How many false alarms have we had in the past?   It says in the Bible  ‘Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house  will come back.  If He comes suddenly do not let Him find you sleeping’  Mark 13:33

I prefer to believe that the creator of the universe will finish it at the time He decides.  So continue living as if each day is your las,t but prepare yourself that it may not be.

Carol, who has checked the Bible sayings.