Carlisle Christian Writers Group

Eight members present, eight very different styles of writing.  Our home project had been ‘Holidays’.  I had felt uninspired by the subject, but just how wrong could I have been.  We journeyed to South Africa under the blazing sun and on to Egypt where the sun apparently blazes even hotter.  It was explained that the word ‘Holiday’ actually came from Holy Day and Biblical facts were shared with us.  Do you know when the first holiday was taken?  Try Genesis.  A poem of lovely holidays in Allonby brought back fond memories for many.  We shared holiday thoughts with ‘Laura’, now that’s an ongoing saga. 

John shared his favourite poet with us – George Herbert and then we listened to an extract of Vaughan William’s setting to one of his poems, (George’s that is, not John’s)

The next home project is ‘Changes’.  I wonder what changes that will bring about!

Carol, the co-ordinator                                                    20th January 2012