Dorset Delights

Got out of the county at last after the not too bad weather to see a my friends in Dorset for a few days.  Spring is earlier down there – daffs, snowdrops, crocuses and blossom in bloom.  Saw egrets, pheasants, swans, ducks etc. but yet to see a deer in the area. Everyone else has!

They live in a most beautiful village with no shops, no bus service, no street lighting and a Post Office two mornings a week.  I loved it.  Plenty of good walks in the area, both long and short.  The Sunday Service was very meaningful and challenging, with delightful people attending.

Eight hours was a long train journey, but well worth it to see my friends.  The train fares were strange.  For just £1 more I came back First Class.  I quite enjoyed that.

Carol, the northerner gone down south.