Carlisle Christian Writers

This meeting brought up many ideas on the subject of ‘Change’.  The eleven us us came up with – a different address, small coins, phases of the moon, diagnosis of a potential life-threatening disease, different gear in a car, wearing different cloths, a peel of bells, and change of heart.

My contribution was similar to some others –

A baby grows and changes slowly, weight and length increases.  After a few months the gurgling sounds become distinct words and the words grow to become sentences.  The change is slow and gradual.

A beautiful flower starts as a tiny bud which, with the influence of sun and rain grows into the colourful flower which we so love.  Slow and constant change.

The phases of the moon are gradual; from new moon to full moon and back again; sure and slow.

But a change is coming which will be sudden and definite.  The Bible says in 1 Corinthians Chapter 15: vs 51-52.  We will all be changed, in a flash in the twinkling of an eye (what could be quicker than a blink)at the last trumpet. 

No time then for gradual change.  The change in our lives needs to be  now before it is too late.

Carol , the changer