£19 return train fare to Scotland was too good to miss.  The fare was cheap, but the hotel cost made up for it.  Decided to visit Elgin (no, I haven’t lost my marbles; in any case they belong to Greece)  Dull, cool and slighty windy; in this counrty we always talk about the weather.

I found the town was mostly shops, but the museum was not yet open for the summer.  At the interesting library, the librarian was helpful above the call of duty.  There was also a small room consisting of ‘large print’ books.  (Not a large room consisting of small books!) No, I don’t need them yet but I thought it was a great idea and would like to see it in other libraries. 

At the cathedral, now a ruin, I found I was able to take any photos I neded without paying the £4 by going inside.  

Spent an afternoon at Lossiemouth and visited the only cafe as it was too cold to eat outside.  A very pretty place with the harbour and lighthouse.  A summer visit would be great; I could then eat my picnic lunch looking at the water.

Carol, the train traveller