Countdown and Welcome

Had a fascinating day at the ITV Granada Studio at Salford, Manchester this week.  The programme being televised was ‘Countdown’.  No longer with Richard Whiteley or Carol Vorderman, but equally exciting.

Nick Hewer was a very good replacement, with his calm efficient manner he seemed to have been in the role for ever.  Susie Dent was her usual brilliant self with an encyclopedic knowledge of words.  She was supported (or was it the other way round) by Angela Rippon.  When asked by Nick to do the splits on the show, she replied that she would only do it if he would.  She was on a winner there.  Rachel Riley gave rapid responses with the numbers games.

I was interested to see how everything worked.  I had thought the letters and numbers were sorted electronically, but apparently it is done by an effieicent technician shuffling them all up.

A good and memorable day.

Glad to know that so many of you are reading my blogs (particularly my friend Angela P).  Do contact me some of you, especially my readers from Hong Kong, America and somewhere in Eastern Europe 

Carol, your friend