Aira Force

I was waiting for a period of heavy rain followed by sunny weather to visit this waterfall.  My thinking was, heavy rain would make it look more spectacular and sun would give good photos.  I didn’t quite get it right.  It had rained, but not much and the sun came out ten minutes after I’d been photographing.  It didn’t matter, I enjoyed myself.  Being the Easter Saturday, meant I wasn’t alone!  How clever of God to give us bands of hard and soft rocks so that we get beautiful waterfalls like this one!

My next stop was Greystoke.  I’d met a patient in hospital who lived there and sang it’s praises.  They were right; with it’s own school, post office, church and a couple of shops, plus pubs, it is a thriving village.  I discovered the cyclist’s cafe.  Well worth a visit, even without a bike. 

Next I needed to take some photos in Sebergham.  I got lost trying to find the hamlet and twice ended up in a farmyard.  I refuse to have a Satnav; I’d rather get lost without it.

Carol, the Easter explorer