L’al Ratty

A bright but very windy day saw four of us travelling from Carlisle to Ravenglass by train and then on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway to Dalegrath.  The first part of the journey was right alongside the sea with views of the Isle of Man and Scotland.  As I said a very windy day, the white horses on the water were fantastic. (a friend of mine was ferrying to the Isle of Man on this day, and everyone on board was sea-sick!)

The steam part of the journey was lovely, tiny railway stations, sheep, belted Galloway cattle, hills and views.  Facts – There are six steam trains, one 1/3 the size of normal engines, seven requested stops, up to 210 ft above sea-level and was once used to transport ore from the hills.  A little rain earlier had made everything bright and sparkly.   At the top after watching the engine being turned round on the turntable and us having a bite to eat, we just turned round ourselves and came back down.

The occasion of the day was to celebrate my having lived in Cumbria for six years.  There is plenty still for me to see, so I must keep travelling.

PS. L’al means ‘little’

Carol, the steam enthusiast.