Carlisle Christian Writers

At the end of September C.C.W. met again for their bi-monthly meeting.  The afternoon started with a talk by John concerning the writings which were and were not included in our Bible.  Having a wealth of knowledge I’m sure his talk veered away from his notes as we asked questions and wanted to know more about the subject.  Some of our members had learned Greek which greatly added to their enjoyment.

We then came down to earth as we revealed what we had written for our home assignment.  ‘Overheard’ (something we had overheard) proved to be a thought-provoking subject.  The words ‘I didn’t do it’, resulted in a fun poem from one member, who then asked ‘If he didn’t it, then who did?’  One ‘overheard’ gave us a beautiful picture of heaven, where we all felt we had been transported there ourselves.  Another member confessed that as a child she blurted out ‘My mum says you’ve got a big mouth, so I’m looking at it now’.  Oops.    Another gem, ‘I’d like a train, please.’  Reply ‘We have quite a few madam, which one would you like?’

You can see we have a lot of laughter at our meetings.

Carol, the eavesdropper