A Special Bus Route

Being a free-lance writer gives many fun opportunities.  When I ask my friends strange questions relating to their field of expertise, I just say ‘I’m a free-lance writer’.

My latest adventure was to write about a special bus journey.  After asking friends who knew the area better than me, I settled on the 680, which runs from Brampton to Alston.  The unusual thing is that this bus starts the day as a school bus, then becomes a public service bus but at the end of the day reverts to transporting children.

Of course I had to travel on the bus myself so I could write about it.  I chose a wet day (Well, I didn’t choose it, nearly every day is wet this year and it was my only free day.  The downside was I had to spent five hours in Alston in the rain.

Never mind, I’m a writer.  I spent time in the library and two visits to cafes, writing all the time.  It’s not only J.K.Rowling who writes in cafes.

Brilliant day.  If you want to know more – read the book.

Carol, the J.K.Rowling impersonator.