3 inches rainfall in 2 hours

In my search for unusual bus routes I needed to visit Skinburness on the west coast of Cumbria just north of Sillouth.   I’d been told that the sea flooded the road at high tide.  (though this proved to be untrue). This would have been an unusual attraction.  The hotel at the end of the bus route was long since closed and in all this was a no-go idea.

Meanwhile I had to get back home.  It hadn’t been raining when I started; now I was experiencing the three inches of rain.  I hadn’t realised it was the time of Neap Tides.  Before long the roads became flooded, then they became flooded closed and then they became flooded by the swollen rivers.

At one point the van in front of me was unable to get through a flood, so I knew I would never manage it.  After attempting a three point turn in a very narrow country road, I was rescued by a knight in shining armour (actually the white van driver; I was blocking his retreat). I k new I could have managed the manoeuvre myself, but I’m not one to decline an offer of help.  Obviously I did get home safely.

Carol, the nearly stranded