Bonfire Night

Life is full of excitement at the moment – Putting the clocks back (extra hour in bed, all in favour of that), Halloween (as a Christian, all against that, we only need one spirit, the Holy Spirit) and now Bonfire Night (I’m all in favour of that, even though we’re celebrating a traitor who was eventually hanged).  We need a bit of pleasure with winter approaching (The kill joys say it just goes up in smoke).

Carlisle is justly proud of their display with 30,000 attending.  As I can’t cope with 30,000 people, mud and jostle, we stood with dozens on the Eden Bridges.   We didn’t see the fire but we did see the fireworks, sparkling, cascading and exploding over the River Eden.

This year the theme of the fire was the Jubilee, with iconic models, a London bus, a Spitfire, a tardis etc, which all burned brilliantly.  Then the 15 minute walk home to hot soup and yammy doughnuts.

Carol, the bonfire night enthusiast.