Carlisle to Oban, train fare, £17.  Shame not to take advantage of it.  Booked into a hotel high up the hill near the Mc Caig’s Monument with a bedroom view  of the whole bay, spectacular when dark with harbour lights, illuminations and ships slipping out to goodness knows where.  One way up was 149 steps, but the view  worth it.

Managed to find time to go on an hour’s sea trip to see a seal colony.  Unfortunately they weren’t told we were coming (wrong time of year), so we saw cormorants and oyster catchers instead!  The commentary on the boat was delivered in a strong Obanian accent (or was it Gaelic?)

Fascinated by one passenger who with some ‘Apple’ gadget circled round and round, photographing all the time. Then sat down to view the results.  She never once looked at the fascinating scenery first hand.  Shame.

Another passenger from Dundee said back in the 60’s, she worked in the jute mills, but only lasted six weeks.  All the mills are closed now and the jute comes from Poland.

Visited a chocolate factory and sampled their wares.  Visited a whisky factory and sampled their wares.  Loved the whole town and hope to revisit.

Carol, the Oban visitor