An Unusual Present

At the Carlisle Christian Writers we always set homework and for our last meeting – see above.  Our unusual topic produced some unusual results.

One member wrote about an unusual wedding present – a porcelain figure of ‘the praying hands’, so popular at that time.  Never liked by her or her husband, they eventually managed to give it away to an admirer.

Two members were able to quote from books they had written and another person gave each person a small shell, a replica of a larger one she had been given by a loved one.  The message was ‘ you can give this away but what will you do with the gift God has given us?’  Two other member wrote thoughtful poems.

The rest of the time was taken up by writing limericks, followed by coffee/tea, of course.  And the next piece of homework – you must wait and see.

Finally, to make you smile –

‘Exaggeration is a billion time worse than overstatement’.

And ‘Take the bull by the hand and avoid mixed metaphors, even if a mixed metaphor sings, it should be derailed’

Carol, the recipient of unusual presents.