Austria – 2

Sorry I’ve been off the air for a while.  Computer trouble.  Solved by good friends.  Thankyou.

During my nine day visit to Austria I did a great deal of child minding (18 month old & 4 1/2 years).  I was able to red to them in German although I didn’t really know what I was reading.  They listened well.  Maybe they were fascinated by my pronounciation.

We spent one day in Weithoven, full of memorials, especially those to record the defeat of the Turks.  Train journeyed to the other set of grandparents and my friends own home, Voecklabruck.  Right opposite a park, ideal for the children.

No tourist shops, so my home friend got no presents.  Sorry.  To be in Austria at Easter was fascinating.  At the Lutherian church there were services Friday, Sunday and Monday.  Managed two services, but the local dialect of German meant I could only join with the lords Prayer and a collect, quietly in English.  Good Friday hymns slow and sombre so I followed with my finger.  Easter Sunday fast and lively, so I didn’t stand a chance.

The shops and homes I visited all had decorations of small eggs suspended from twigs of pussy willow and winter jasmine.   I hope to create my own.

Culinarywise , I discovered that each meal consisted of just one course (at least where I was staying) either savory or sweet.  I didn’t have a chance to visit famous Austrian cake shops

To be concluded ……………

Carol, the non-German dialect speaking English woman