The Carlisle Christian Writers had a great afternoon with a few exercises and readings of our homework ‘Windows’.

Some gave wonderful  expositions on windows, glimpses of heaven and the difference between looking out and looking in.

One  beautiful poem was submitted entitled ‘I can’t hear the blackbird sing’, explaining that with double-glazing we insulate our lives against the plights of others, we don’t hear the cries of those in need, don’t hear the sirens signalling people in distress.  We don’t see the troubles of others with our spiritual double-glazing and it finished with the cry ‘ I want to hear the blackbird sing’.

One member cheated a bit by writing about glass and mirrors, ending with the Biblical quote ‘Now we see a poor reflection as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face’.  And finally quoted a verse by George Herbert, ‘A man may look on glass , on it may stay his eye.  Or if he pleases through it pass and then the heaven espy.’

The subject for the next meeting is ‘What is time?’ 

Keep watching.

Carol, the windowless