Israel 1

Off on holiday again.  This time to Israel.  It was probably more an experience than a holiday.  I had been warned it would be energetic and it certainly was.  In the 9 days we packed in about 12 days worth of sight-seeing. 

Holiday memories soon fade away, but I don’t think these memories will ever fade.  Not only were there many interesting places to see but I now read my Bible with more understanding.  I read this morning that Jesus was in Galilee.  I’ve been there too.  Although the buildings and some of the landscape have changed, the sea hasn’t.  I can truly imagine Jesus being there.

We started in Jerusalem with two walking tours, so much to see.  I did opt out of one of the tours but still saw plenty.  One of the best memories was the view from the Mount of Olives (No longer just a name, but now a place to me)  The view down to the Kidron Valley and up to Jerusalem was unforgetable.

Unfortunately on the Mount there was a church of the Teardrop, the place where Jesus was supposed to have cried over the fate of Jerusalem.  (Wherever anything Biblical has happened, a church has been erected) 

More to follow

Carol on her visit to Israel.