Keswick Convention

What else could I write about at this time of year but the Keswick Convention? (that is the original convention set among the fabulous beauty of the English Lake District) It’s completely awe-inspiring; from every part of the town the mountains form a magnificant backdrop to the area.

In July and August the population is swelled by nearly 4,000 conventioners.  I was only able to attend on some days but managed to hear the Bible studies by John Lennox.  An eniment scientist, my simple mind found him very deep and my notes are not clear enough to quote to you. 

One thought I think I can share is – the atheists say the world created the gods; the Christian mindset says God created the world. – see Genesis 1 & 2.  If you want to hear all the things he actually said, you can obtain the CD’s, DVD.s or USB etc.

This Sunday (28th July) on BBC 4 at 8.10 am a service from the convention will be broadcast.

Carol, the conventioner