Outside the Box

Carlisle Christian Writers meeting again.  We had a lovely talk by a young student studying for a degree in Creative Writing.  She was delightful.  As she belongs to the ‘on-line generation’ I know she will be reading this, so I say again, she was delightful.

As writers we need to be creative and think ‘outside the box’.  To that end we were presented with three objects and thought what children might see them as.  For example with a box they would imagine it was a train, a station, a garage etc.

Firstly ‘a candle’.  Our ingenious ideas included, a space rocket, a totum pole, a shrunken tower, plane with a light or melted down to grease a bicycle chain.  Next a glass of water.  We imagined it as a home for tadpoles, used for a water fight, launch for a rocket or a kaleidoscope using coloured paper.  Finally a book which could contain secret instructions, hide a will, upended used as a garage, or heaven forbid, torn up for a paper chase.

One clever member used all three items together; the candle was a rocket, the glass of water the launch pad and the book for spectators to sit and watch.  That was real imagination.

Carol, thinking outside the box – a song