Israel 5

Then the quiet part of the holiday, which was no cooler. We stayed in chalets on the southern shore of the Sea of Galiee.  I was amazed to see the sights that Jesus had seen, Capernaum, Nazareth, Jericho (now being excavated), a sail on the Lake in a ‘Jesus’ boat, seeing where the Jordan  joined and  left the Sea of Galilee, Caesarea Philippi.  Also the places where Jesus performed miracles, preached and visited.

In the midst of this tranquility we went up the Golan Heights and realised that the problems of the world were still very much with us.  There had been an ‘incident’ a few days previously and the military presence had been reinforced.  How we needed to pray for Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and places where the refugees have fled to.

Our first stop on the way back to the airport was Caesarea on the shores of the blue Mediterranean.  The end had come.  We went from a high of 42 degrees to 9 and that was on a warm London evening. 

What a memorable and blessed time we had.  I think it would be good if every Christian was able to visit the Holy Land; it really brought the Bible to life.

Carol, the returned prodigal.