My Tree

‘On each side of the river was the Tree of Life.’ Revelation 22:2

It’s not really my tree, it belongs in my neighbour’s garden at the bottom of my own garden. My garden is too small to have a tree it’s own. Yet what a comfort and joy it is to me. Trees are good for our environment but mine is good for my soul. As my garden is south-facing it also gives me some shade during the hot summer months. Because it stretches well above the ground it gives the birds a vantage point After sitting in the tree they come down and visit my garden. At this time of year the leaves are beginning to come back and soon it will be green and vibrant. By autumn the falling leaves will give nutrients to the soil below. On windy days I can judge the strength of the wind by the swaying branches. When the wind strengthens to gale force it is secure because it’s roots are deep.

As we know only too well, there were trees in the Garden of Eden. In spite of that we still have trees today, though many are being felled. In my country there was anguish when in an act of wanton destructiveness the sycamore tree in Sycamore Gap was felled. I’ve walked round that tree and used it as a destination point when walking along Hadrian’s Wall. When I was there I heard a rumour that they were growing another tree beside it for when it died of old age. Obviously that was only a rumour and it never had a chance to die of old age.

The Garden of Eden

In Genesis 2:15 I like the idea that Adam had to work in the garden. This garden is described as having all kinds of trees growing there; trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. God knew the importance of trees on the earth and the dangers of deforestation.

I love working in my garden though when I’m complemented on the colourful display, I say ‘God and I do it together, but God does the clever bit.’ I enjoy the idea of working in tandem with God. Much as I need Him, He also need me. We all know that neglected gardens are soon overrun with weeds. Let the weeds stay in the fields and byways. When Eve came along I expect she was involved in the gardening as well. A team of two work better together.

I live in a part of the country which has a river running through it called the River Eden; a gift for flower shops and restaurants which name their businesses The Garden of Eden. Although it is as muddy and probably polluted as any other river, it still feels special Dare I name my very small garden, the Garden of Eden. Probably not as it doesn’t even contain a tree.