Isle of Man

Just returned from a lovely holiday over the water.  For five days, five of us went to this small island – 33 miles by 13.  The sailing was only 66.7 miles (57.9 nautical miles.), 3 3/4 hours.  So many locals say they’ve never been there; I didn’t intend to remain one of those.

There was plenty to do.  Douglas is now the capital (previously Castletown) with a fine Victorian promanade facing the sheltered bay.  Our exploration of this town was curtailed by a day of driving rain.  Maybe another visit is called for.

This was also the day we were scheduled to go on the mountain railway up Snafell, the highest mountain (2, 035 ft).  The visibility at the top was absolutely nil.  It was difficult to see the back of the one-carriage train from the front.  The visit to the cafe was most welcome.  Maybe another visit is called for. 

The visit to the Laxey Wheel was also a culpit of the weather.  The 94 steps up to the viewing platform looked dangerous.  The wheel, the largest of its kind in the world was used to pump water out of the nearby lead mines.  Maybe another visit is called for.

Keep reading;  The rest of the holiday was sunny and warm.

Carol, the mini Manx adventurer.